Thursday, September 15, 2016

Captain Ambivalent at Elgin Fringe Festival

When your socks are dirty, your bladder is full, and your hot crush is a thousand miles away, who ya gonna call ... Captain Ambivalent?  Maybe.

Captain Ambivalent performs at the 2016 Elgin Fringe Festival.

"Laundry Night" is the true musical story of Captain Ambivalent's glacial rise from total obscurity to international obscurity. It's a real-life saga punctuated by recurring scenes of unrequited love, noisy neighbors, and a relentless flow of song ideas. Career biography, yes — but this show is all about the music!

You'll sway to the rhythm of "Imaginary Breakfast," rock to the beat of "Laundry Night," and revel in lyrical genius of "Being Direct." You'll dance, you'll cry, you'll laugh and wonder why. 

Captain Ambivalent is a nerd-rock virtuoso on a sparkly gold accordion, as well as an array of toy instruments, augmented by multimedia, multiple costume changes, and a blast from the past animated by forced air.

Don't miss this returning Fringe Fest favorite at Elgin Public House Saturday, Sept. 17th at 6 pm and Sunday, Sept. 18th at 4:30 pm.  Go to for more info.

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