Sunday, September 18, 2016

Olive Juice Theatre at Elgin Fringe Festival

The finest show at the 2016 Elgin Fringe Festival might be the work of Olive Juice Theatre, whose musical production of "Jason and the Argonauts" excels on every level.

The original script and score by Ralph Krumins is superb, complete with memorable refrains, sparkling solos, part harmony, and dialogue that offers something for kids (its intended audience) and adults. Keeping an all-ages audience giggling for fifty straight minutes is not easy.

Keegan Cole, Hunter Nelson and Olivia Cabrera of Olive Juice Theatre.

The energetic cast of Hunter Nelson, Olivia Cabrera and Keegan Cole play more than twenty highly-animated roles with fast-paced costume and prop changes and distinct voice characterizations. Their exaggerated deliveries are well directed and rehearsed, and they are hilarious.

But wait, there's more. The Argonauts are child actors pulled from the audience, who join the action and improvise roles directed from the stage, even singing choruses with the ensemble.

It's an incredible success that could easily fall flat in the hands of lesser talent. Don't dismiss this show like a Happy Meal — it's an exuberant, excellent feast for the senses that you won't be embarrassed to love.

The last chance to see this show is Sunday, Sept. 18th at 3 pm.

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