Saturday, September 19, 2015

FoolSize Theatre at Elgin Fringe Festival

A quick lesson in British slang was needed by only a few of the curious who attended "Women Who Wank," an improvised performance by Joanne Tremarco of UK's FoolSize Theatre at the Elgin Fringe Festival.

While many of the shows at the Fest are more art than performance, "Wank" was pure performance to a degree of style and spontaneity we rarely have the good fortune to see.

Quick-witted Tremarco conjured comedic naughty bits of varying size and depth from reactions elicited directly from the audience with the fearless energy of a street performer. She took on pornography, autoeroticism, and childhood sex education using her pink dress pulled over her head as a gigantic vaginal—er, visual aid.

Working from a mental map of feminist topics in Herstory, she navigated adroitly through darker themes like rape, exploitation and female circumcision with a disarming humor and magnetic personality. Men and women both found it possible to divulge a few of their own personal secrets, which served to propel Tremarco ever further toward the show's climax.

To be clear, it required the help of everyone in the audience ... and about 2 minutes of heavy breathing.

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